Photo guide
1) Mr. Theodore Karavasilis.
2) Office of FTIE in Athens Greece.
3) Bag with electrolyte powder for 10lt of ready electrolyte mixture.
4) 100 pcs of T2CCPW are leaving for Italy.
5) CCPWMplus 24V80A power supply unit with wifi remote control panel.
6) Small T2 unit for trucks.
7) T2 units for power plant (Ver 5.00/a).

From where we started and...
how we got T2

Theodore Karavasilis and was born in Athens in 1970. Having studied as an electronic engineer and computer programmer-analyst in Technical High School and 2 years in college in the early years (30 years ago) of his career he worked as a Programmer. Prior to completing the Technical high school, at the age of 16, he was an official columnist and programmer of the magazine "Electronics and Computer" at Michalakopoulou street in Athens. He was one of the few in Greece in 1988 at the age of 18 years who programmed in Microsoft C 5.5 and also in Basic, Pascal, Cobol, Visual C ++ later on and microprocessor programming and robotics.
In 1995, as an expert in many graphics and image editing programs and as a developer, he made an FM image raster program so that images can be more clearly captured in low-resolution printers (a system similar to Agfa but compatible with all laser printers). In 1998 he studied the first in the market, Neodymium magnets and made measurements on moving magnetic fields while at the same time he was responsible for production of a part of his father's foundry.
In 2000, he began epxeriments with photovoltaic cells. In 2005, he made a photovoltaic cell with 65% efficiency and started FTIE ENTERPRISES LTD with its first headquarters in Cyprus. In 2006 he made a chemical photovoltaic with acids. He created an online team of 72 members from all over the world, most scientists of various specialties and some volunteers for the sole purpose of collecting knowledge from various sources. He also has knowledge of manufacturing and programming CNC machines and is one of the few (if not the only one) in Greece that can built his own laser head.
Client and external partner of M-Core (the first Gallium Arsenide photovoltaic cell who came to Greece) and SPI (The first fiber laser 2010 installed in Greece). In 2007 he made the first hydrogen cells and captured the idea of electrolysis in liquid solutions that produce different gases, which was the idea from which T2 began, with the first studies in 2008 on a new more robust electrolysis cell called T2 version 1.10.
"T" came out of the first titanium electrodes that used it, and "2" was considered the evolution of H 2 and HHO cells already circulating (2nd type of electrolyte cell). T2 was, from the beginning, his favorite product because its performance were much higher than any others H2 or HHO cell existed in the market due to the special gas it could produce and also T2 could work with all internal combustion engines and its applications were countless.
In 2011, he promoted the first Biomass power plants in Greece fueled by Used cooking oil, and in the same year he promoted the T2 cell version 2.10 with the first installations in cars showed over 45% economy with very small amount of gas produced. T2 compared to simple hydrogen cells was giving 2 times greater economy!
In March 2012, a very important test was made by a customer in Spain who did not have any financial interest in promoting T2 technology. This test results changed what we believed about the abilities of T2 until then. Raphael Marquez connected the tube which outputs the gas produced by T2 to the air inlet of the Honda 750F 105hp motorcycle engine after pulling off the gasoline hose which brings fuel from the tank. The engine turned on at once and Raphael races up to 5,000 rpm in an attempt to shut off the engine but the engine does not shut off. It works continuously without fuel with only 1 liter per minute from the gas produced by T2.
T2 was the first system in the world to achieve 100% fuel economy. Raphael recorded this test of T2 and the video uploaded on youtube. After that, research is intensifying to lower manufacturing cost without sacrificing quality so the product can enter the market. Experiments are being carried out on special types of electrodes while at the same time improving the formula of electrolyte, which is now the product of research and experimentation of 23 years.
T2 is the only device in the world that produces composite gas. Investigations for new electrolytes and new types of electrodes have not stopped until 2013 and T2 is continuously upgraded. In 2013 Mr Karavassilis transfers the base of FTIE to Bulgaria while T2 is still difficult to enter the market because of the high manufacturing cost that makes it inaccessible to the potential customers. During the same period, it has been engaged in the trade of used cooking oil for some time and has started exclusive cooperation with Ningbo CSI Machinery and Power CO LTD for heavy duty generators. It also concludes agreements with two companies in Asia to build large T2 units.
In 2014, the 4 product lines of T2 are created as they appear today, for engines from 100 to 100,000 hp. FTIE now has a wide range of unique products and in August 2016, an Asian company is interested in the promotion of T2 in China and agreed to give the exclusive distributorship of heavy duty Gensets in 25 European countries, to FTIE. This company is HonnyPower Tech Co LTD.
In 2016, FTIE also introduces CCPWM plus that is an advanced computerized power supply unit for hydrogen cells. The only power supply unit with 2 processors, 3 sensors and wireless via mobile which controls and shows 14 parameters 10 times per second. In this way, all parts of T2 can be manufactured and assembled by FTIE (except the special electrodes we make in other external facilities).
During 2018, FTIE asks funding from SME Intruments HORIZON 2020 funding programs for manufacturing line of T2 products and a 1MW power Plant in Serres Greece, and for the 1st Autonomous Hellenic City. This project is the construction of a small city with 100 houses in a 25.000sqm area in Peloponisos in Greece (90km from Athens).
Today, FTIE ENTERPRISES LTD, which is wholly owned by Theodore Karavasilis, runs 16 projects, and owns 4 unique products which sells exclusively to all over the world. During all these years, T2's "father" as a genuine researcher spent 100s of thousands of euros chasing success. The largest success is T2 and must be widely recognized by the market.
T2 is the main product which has been developed today in 4 versions and it is now ready to come out on the market after 10 years of study and research. But research does not end here. Most of the sales profits have been decided to be re-invested in research. We want to evolve and improve T2 products continuously.
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