T2 Hydrogen-Nitrogen cell

The most advanced electrolytic cell worldwide with patent pending design and with buildin cooling system.
T2 is the only cell worldwide able to accept the special T2 electrolyte and produce Hydrogen-Nitrogen gas which brakes the hydrocarbon molecules of fuel and acts as hydrocarbon cracker inside the engine.
The result is a stronger explosion and complete burning of the cracked fuel which decreases the emissions down to Zero while cleans the engine and at the same time saves fuel while it extends the lifetime of the engine.

T2 CCPWM full computerized

The most advanced full computerized CCPWM for controlling electrolytic cells inside vehicles. The only CCPWM with 2 MPUs and 3 sensors for temperature, inclination sensor and distance sensor to measure the inclination of the road and how much the driver presses the pedal and adjust the volume of output gas. Patent pending product controlled by your mobile phone. Watch and adjust 14 parameters 10times per second. T2 CCPWM is WiFi ready and has ECS (Electrolyte Control System), BPS (Batery Protection System), CSS (Cooling System Support) and CGPS (Clever Gas Production System). All these in one device.

T2 v4.50HD/2018 for trucks
boats & big engines

The most advanced electrolytic cell worldwide with patent pending design which produces hydrogen-nitrogen gas now in Heavy Duty version for up to 12hours/day usage and with buildin cooling system and special electrodes with 60.000hours lifetime.
Stronger explosion, decreased emissions down to Zero, increase output torque, cleans the engine and at the same time saves fuel while it extends the lifetime of your engine and your truck's engine becomes new again.

AMR Advanced Magnetic Rings
10-25% fuel economy

Forget about the cheap chinese fuel saving magnets. AMR is the Advanced Magentic Ring and it has 24 special neodymium magnets High temperature resistance shielded with Iron from one side. They are assembled in 2 rings. Each ring creates single pole radial magnetic field (mimics the magnetic field of CERN's hypercontactive electromagnets). One ring goes to the fuel and the other ring goes to the air intake. Installation in 1 minute. They magnetize with opposite magnetic field fuel and air and when these 2 mixed inside the engine's chamber, they are placed in a geometrical net which makes the explosion stronger and full. All tests have shown 10-25% fuel economy. In most cases we saw more than 15%. Lifetime guarantee: 20years!!!

NanotecOil for engines
Adnvanced Nanotechnology Lubrication

NanotecOil is an advanced nanotechnology lubrication enhancement for internal combustion engines. You put one 100ml bottle in with 5 lt of oil when you change oils. NanotecOil has 3 nanoparticles. It creates a ceramic layer inside the engine and at the same time lubricates the engine. The results are lower friction, increases output power, protects the engine from inside, "heals" the microcracks of the metal inside the engine, saves fuel. It costs less than 40euros and doubles the lifetime of your oils. So, actually the products costs nothing to you, it is for free because you save one oil change.

Pegasus Power Plants
with T2 Hydrogen-Nitrogen technology

What happens if you combine Heavy duty Gensets able to burn vegetable Oil (UCO or SVO) with the T2 Hydrogen-Nitrogen Technology with AMR and NanotecOil? The result is a "Pegasus" power plant. This is a power plant 100% eco friendly which burns vegetable oil and uses hydrogen-nitrogen gas as assist gas to keep the engine clean and make complete burning of the oil. It gives much higher profit than any other common power plant with power geneerators and almost Zero emissions. The first operative 1MW unit will be funded by the European program Horison 2020 SME instruments and is planned to be constructed in Industrial Area of Serres.

Micropyramidic surfaces
patent pending

We are able to increase the surface of the metal 3-4 times by making micropyramides on the surface. We can make 2000-10000 micropyramides in one square centimeter. The increased surface of the micropyramides can trasfer more heat than a flat surface. Cooling flanges manufactured with this micropyramid surface will be much more effective and their size and weight will be much smaller. The method has an additional cost but you save cost of the material because you need smaller cooling flanges. This method can be also applied on the outer surface of tubes as well and it will make car radiators more effective.

Micro engraving with color

We can engrave metals and make special coins, IDs, ring engraving, metallic business cards, photos on metal with engraving and also with colors. We can also engrave bar codes, QC codes and part numbers.
We do not only engrave the metals but we also paint the metal creating metallic oxides on its surface. Now you can paint a photo in a stainless steel surface. You can make special coins with engrave and color as well. Contact with us in if you are interested.

Cryptocurrency mining farm

The new project of our company is cryptocurrency mining farm. We will be able to invest to any cryptocurrency we want. We will soon make an open platform where any one will be able to buy 5Mh/s shares or even buy Complete mining machines with a cost of about 950euros for 85Mh/s mining machine. We will also combine project of Pegasus power plant with this one and we will supply our mining equipment with power produced by used vegetable oil and hydrogen-Nitrogen gas in the near future. Soon we will have a web-site available to anyone who wants to participate. Meantime you can Contact with us in if you are interested.

600W laser cutting

FTIE with the cooperation of a famous factory in China, is able to manufacture the first low cost 600W laser cutting machine. In sizes of 1200x900mm, 1600x1200mm, 1250x2500mm, 1500x3000mm, 1500x6000mm and 2000x4000mm. Prices start from only 19.500euros and include shipping, insurance and import tax. So, this price is for all the cost and the machine delivered to your facilities. Also, during order, there is full insurance for the payment funds with buyer's protection. All laser cutters have double water cooling system for mirrors and focus head.
For more informations you can Contact with us in if you are interested.

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