FTIE's Cryptocurrency Mining Farm

The new project of our company is a Cryptocurrency Mining Farm. We will be able to invest to any cryptocurrency we want. We will soon make an open platform where any one will be able to buy 5Mh/s shares or even buy Complete mining machines with a cost of about 950euros for 85Mh/s mining machine. We will also combine project of Pegasus power plant with this this one and we will use power produced by used vegetable oil and hydrogen-Nitrogen gas in the near future. Soon we will have a web-site available to anyone who wants to participate.

This web-page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION but if you need more informations, you can Contact with us with an email to

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Sergey Rumyantzev 1
2700 Blagoevgrad Bulgaria
Athens Office:
67th Nimfon Ave. 16341 Helioupolis Athens Greece
tel +30-211-4048582 - mob +30-6946-596490
email: ftie-enterprises@biohydrogen-power.com