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Our work...

....is in harmony with the notion of Active-Ecology and that is to research, design, develop and launch new technology products aiming at
1) the evolution of conventional technology products to ecological ones while increasing their efficiency and...
2) the production of energy with minimum or no emissions that can be integrated in the natural cycles of the ecosystem without unsettling it and over consuming natural resources difficult to renew.

Our values and purpose...

...are ecological. We believe that we shape our world through our daily

Our values are...

1) the protection of life and nature
2) the development of healthy social structures through which people can be autonomous and progressive
- To achieve our purpose we use innovative technology.Our work, in contrast to many ecological trends, is based on a materialistic-existential axis composed of truly functional products. Design and development of such products revolutionise everyday experiences making conventional technology products that continue to pollute obsolete.
This is not an attitude of passive-defense but a purely aggressive move towards changing the existing polluting technology.  Contrary to what is widely viewed as the ecology's purpose we are not interested in diminishing the problem but into solving it by using technology as our ally.

Ecological mutual interest

Media and "experts" have trained us to believe that being friendly to the environment demands capital sacrifices and that low ROI investments are the only stable ones. We have been taught that ecology is expensive and that you can not expect to profit significantly from such an attitude. We should wash our clothes at 30o C instead of 60 oC so as to be socially and environmentally responsible along with numerous such tips. This timid approach does not solve the problem it only serves the existing polluting technology promoted by giant corporations. These companies promote so-called eco-friendly products that save energy on the one hand and deplete our resources on the other.
This is not the 21st c. logic. Our technology provides significantly higher profits from the established polluting or so-called ecological technology.
It provides 100% environmentally friendly green energy and 100% return on your investment in less than one year at the same time! You can be a business person and an ecologist too. You can protect the environment and become rich by doing so.
True ecology nowadays is not found at the periphery of our society by few rebellious ones.

FTIE ENTERPRISES LTD welcomes you to the 21st century, to a world of "active ecology" served by and expressed through business people with vision profiting while they protect the planet nature and people. This is new technology, this is our philosophy, our movement, this is a reality.

If you are a scientist, a manufacturer or an investor we will be happy to talk with you.  Be a part of this new reality and profit with us.

Our people

F.T.I.E. ENTERPRISES LTD is an R&D company. Our research and development department consists of researchers from Greece who, since 2000, work on
numerous projects in cooperation with an international network of  groups of researchers and scientists. These are mechanics biologist and chemists from countries such as Sweden, Germany, USA and others.


1. develops new  saving fuel technologies and unique innovative products
2. manufactures and supports energy production systems in cooperation with the big manufacturers around the world such as DEUTZ, STEYR and more
3. makes use and advances technology through a series of patented new products

Today, in the area of ecological economical energy production the latest development is Biomass Power Plants energy production with the use of cooking oil, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Τ2, which is a specialised Hydrogen Module with platinum foils, the Advanced Magnetic Ring and the nanotechnology products NanotecOil.


Main offices: 1st Sergey Rumyantzev str 2700 Blagoevgrad Bulgaria

Athens reseller: 67th Nymfon ave. 16341 Helioupolis Athens Greece
Tel: +30 210 9022230 (09.00 - 18.00 local time)

email: ftie-enterprises@biohydrogen-power.com