Forget about the cheap chinese fuel saving magnets.
AMR is the Advanced Magnetic Ring and it comes in pairs with total 24 special neodymium magnets High temperature resistance shielded with Iron from one side. They are assembled in 2 rings. Each ring creates single pole radial magnetic field (mimics the magnetic field of CERN's hypercontactive electromagnets). One ring goes to the fuel and the other ring goes to the air intake. Installation in 1 minute. They magnetize with opposite magnetic field fuel and air and when these 2 mixed inside the engine's chamber, they are placed in a geometrical net which makes the explosion stronger and full.
All tests have shown 10-25% fuel economy. In most cases we saw more than 15% fuel economy. Lifetime guarantee: 20years!!!

- Real test in Mercedes S600 has shown 44% more MPG with 2 installed AMR sets in the big 12V 5580cc gasoline engine.
- Our Resellers report at least 15% fuel economy with the installation of AMRset in different engines.

Now you can buy your own AMRset for your car with a total cost of 115euros + VAT and with free shipping.

AMR is a set of 2 rings. Each ring has 12 Neodymium magnets. Total 24 neodymium magnets shielded with iron sheet in one pole and able to withstand 110C temperature with lifetime more than 20years and installation within 5 minutes with no need of special tools. You can see fuel economy at once. This is so simple.
This set of 2 rings, 24 shielded neodymium magnets can become yours and save a lot of money for fuels. Simply put one ring arround the fuel tube and the other ring arround the air hose and forget them there. They will do their job and save you money.
This is a unique patented product you will find only here.

You only pay €115euros + VAT = €142.60 for having this device for 20yrs in your car's engine. This is about 7.35€ per year and can save you more than 200lt of fuel per year!!! (if you drive 30.000km per year)!!!

For limited time period, we give you a great discount of €43.00 and you pay only...
€99.60 VAT INCLUDED!!!

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